US Masters Swim


Swimming at the Oakdale High School Aquatics Center


Coach Ed Mageean -

Self - Directed Lap Swim Times:  

Evening times:  Friday: 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.  

Oakdale Masters Coached Swimming:  

Monday through Thursday 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Summer Lap Swim Morning Hours (June and July only):

Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.




Please note:  As Masters Swimmers, we are on an "eternal summer".  We

share the pool with other swim teams and water polo teams.  As a result, 

our times may adjust seasonally to accommodate their meets or game

schedules.  In addition, there will be a scheduled pool closure / break

from swimming the last week of December and the last week of July.   


Our Masters Swim program is registered with U.S. Masters Swimming, the

national governing board for adult swimming. As a U.S. Masters Swimming

member, you are covered by USMS insurance in practices, have access to

online swim resources and you may compete in USMS pool, open water

and fitness events.


How to register:

There are 2 parts to registration.  

1)  Annual Registration.  All Masters/Lap Swimmers are required

to be current U.S. Masters Swimming members.  Registration is 

$50.00 per year.  To register use the link:

2) Monthly Dues for 2015 are $29.00.  Dues are paid to Oakdale Aquatics

through this website.  The Oakdale Registration steps are as follows below:

1.     From the Home Screen- click US Masters Registration Button on the

mid upper right side of screen.

2.     At bottom of screen- click US Masters Swim Team button.

3.     After that button expands, scroll down and click 

Class cost / Days/Times” button.  (The times will vary slightly

throughout the year.)

4.     After that button expands, scroll down and click “Register”.

5.     Enter a Username and Password, click on the blue “Next” button.

6.     Verify your Insurance information, click on the blue “Next" button.

7.     Click on the green button “Add Student”.

8.     Click on the radio dial next to the student to add.

9.     Click on the blue “Add Selected Student”.

10.   Click on the Green “Shopping Cart” Button.

11.   Click on the Agreement boxes for Medical Release, Liability Waiver

and Oakdale Swim Team Code of Conduct.

12.   Enter Credit Card information click on “Pay and Submit Registration”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lap Swimming vs. Coached Masters Swimming?

Lap swimming is self-directed and self coached. The swimmer develops their

workout, speed, intervals and duration. Some swimmers prefer this type of

swim practice. At Masters classes, the coach develops the workout. Each

practice has a different theme- sprint, non-free, equipment, or distance.

Having a coach on deck exposes the swimmer to set variety and feedback

on the swimmers progress. If you have questions about the set, drills or

stroke- just ask the coach.


What's the membership of U.S. Masters Swimming like?

Our Masters program is registered with U.S. Masters Swimming,

the national governing board for adult swimming.  As a USMS

member, you are covered by USMS insurance in practices and

you may compete in USMS pool and open water events.  In addition,

you have access to USMS member online resources and content,

vendor discounts, fitness programs, competition program, and

access to hundreds of online written workouts. 


I'm not a very fast swimmer, can't swim all the strokes, and

am not sure I can finish an hour workout; how good a swimmer

must I be to join?

OAQM welcomes swimmers of all abilities. If you can swim 4 lengths

of the pool, our coaching staff can help you improve your skills and

endurance. You don't need to be able to swim all the strokes to join!

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Workouts are adjusted to take into

account each swimmer's ability level.


What are the workouts like? How many yards per workout?

Each workout runs for about 60 minutes or 90 minutes on Saturday

(don't worry if you can't finish the whole practice initially). The coach

gives the sets, which vary in distance per lane. 


Is the water heated?

Yes. It is a comfortable 80-degree.


Are there showers and changing rooms?

There are outside showers to rinse off next to the pool. Changing rooms

are next to the bathrooms.


What equipment do I need?

Only a swimsuit (no cutoffs), goggles and a towel are required. There

are kickboards and pull buoys available for use (subject to availability). 

Some people like to bring their own fins and hand paddles. 


What does it cost / registration?

The monthly dues are $29.00 for OAQM membership.  All members

are required to sign up through to

pay monthly dues.  Membership is on a month-to-month basis.  You will

be automatically re-registered on the first business day of the month until

December 2015 or until you request a class withdrawal.  

In addition, you must also join United States Masters Swimming for an

annual membership fee of $50.00. (This is required so that OAQM

swimmers have liability insurance). USMS registration is

found at: 


Policy for Masters Swim Cancelation

There are no contracts.  Membership is month to month.  The billing

cycle is from the 1st business day of the month through the end of the

month.  The monthly fees are not pro-rated.  If you join mid-month,

you will be charged for the full month.  In order to cancel your

membership and avoid being charged for the following month, please

send an email notice to either to our Registrar Ron Thompson or Ed Mageean

by the 20th of the month.  This will allow us time to make the

changes before the first business day of the month.    


Not sure?

If you're not sure, or you have never swam with a U.S. Masters

Swim group before, come  down to the Oakdale High School

Aquatic Center at 739 West G Street, Oakdale, Ca. and have

a look! Contact Ed Mageean at 

for more information.

Check out this YouTube video from Olympian Rowdy Gaines on US

Masters Swimming:


Getting Started

You are just about to begin training. But before you do, a brief word

about pool etiquette is in order. To avoid conflict, and make everyone's

experience more enjoyable, a number of conventions have grown up

over the years. Here they are in brief:

Swimming pattern.

If there are two of you in a lane, you may opt to keep to one side

of the lane; the other swimmer will stay on the opposite side. Three

or more swimmers in a lane must circle swim.



Use the starting blocks independently.

Swim down the middle of a lane.

Remain stationary in the lane, except at the wall.

Stand or hold onto the wall in the middle of the lane.

Grab another swimmer.

Push off the wall immediately before or after another

swimmer—no tailgating!

Do your own thing in a lane that is following a prescribed set or workout.


Enter the water feet first. This is mandatory for all Masters swimmers.

Dive only from the starting blocks, when instructed by your coach.

Circle swim, staying always to the right of the lane, only moving.

toward the center when ready to turn at the wall.

Exit the workout if unable to continue swimming.

Scoot to the corner of the lane while standing or holding onto the wall.

Tap a swimmer's toes in front of you, indicating that you wish to

pass at the next turn.

Allow 5 seconds between swimmers when starting a set.

Swimming Vocabulary


Stroke modification or exercise done in the water to isolate a particular

body part or technique. Such as dragging fingertips in the water to

promote a high-elbow recovery.


The arm movement, or using only arms for propulsion. A pull set

will be one where you'll use a pull buoy designed to keep your legs

still so that you can focus on your pull.


Leg movement, which is isolated in kick sets, using a kick board.


The highly desirable ability to keep moving without pulling or kicking.


What skinny fish have naturally, we have to achieve by squeezing

our arms and legs into lines. The opposite of a streamlined position

would be a "Superman" with arms spread wide.


The ability to "grab" and push the water with your hand/arm. The

opposite is "slipping."

Flip turn

Near the wall, spin 180 degrees, feet over head, feet land on the

wall and push off.

Open turn

Touch the wall with your hand, turn around and push off.


The movement from the wall until the first stroke.

Alternate or bilateral breathing

In freestyle, breathing on odd numbers of strokes, such as 3, 5,

etc., so that you breathe equally on both sides.


A split is your time for a segment of a prescribed swim. If you swim

a 100 (four lengths) and your time at the 50 (two lengths) is 35 seconds,

then that is your split.

Swim meet

A swim meet is a competition in a pool. Many USMS members are

nervous about competing at first, but swim meets can be fun for any l

evel swimmer. You should never feel pressured to compete in a swim

meet, but you should also not feel as though you are not good enough.

Most local swim meets, and even some regional and national meets,

the same relaxed, all-inclusive attitude that you find at a practice

prevails. USMS national championships have qualifying times,

but anyone—regardless of speed or ability—can enter up to

three events at those meets, without meeting the qualifying times.

Open water swimming

Swimming in lakes, oceans, rivers—pretty much anywhere that is

not a pool. There are open water races and clubs throughout the world

for swimmers who enjoy open water swimming.